An Evening Of Comedy & Drama
April 2018

AmDram Is Murder
July 2018

Puss In Boots
January 2019

An Evening Of Comedy & Drama
April 2019


The Sword in the Stone
January 2017

The Other Other Woman
April 2017

'Allo 'Allo
June 2017

January 2018


Mystery at Greenfingers
April 2015

Jack and the Beanstalk
January 2016

Farndale Murder Mystery
April 2016

Swan Song
October 2016


April 2013

The Snow Queen
January 2014

Cards on the Table
April 2014

For King and Country
July 2014


Sleeping Beauty
January 2012

Musical Memories
July 2012

Pink String & Sealing Wax
October 201

January 2013


The Truth Will Out!
April 2010

Rhythm Of Life
July 2010

January 2011

An Evening Of Comedy & Drama
April 2011


Treasure Island
January 2009

Inspector Drake and the Black Widow
July 2009

The Dragon's Music Hall
October 2009

Robin Hood and his Merry Band
January 2010





The Hound of the Baskervilles
October 2007

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
January 2008

Summer End
April 2008

July 2008





They Came From Mars
May 2006

Thriller of the Year
July 2006

Beauty and the Beast
January 2007

A Christmas Carol
April 2007





January 2004

Putting On The Style
October 2004

Dick Whittington
January 2005

The Three Musketeers
January 2006


Pick 'n' Mix
1976 to Now

Daisy Pulls It Off
April 1999

Bride Unknown
October 1999

Snow White
January 2001


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